Fabolous On Touring With Pusha T, His Love For The Dominican Republic


Fabolous is currently on the road co-headlining the Life Is So Exciting Tour with Pusha T and promoting his upcoming album Loso’s Way 2. The usually reserved Loso opened up to Vibe about life on the road, dealing with “extra shit” in the music industry and his Dominican Republic roots.

VIBE: How did you hook up with Pusha T for The Life Is So Exciting Tour? You two haven’t really collaborated too much musically.
Fabolous: Me and Pusha have always been cool even though we haven’t done many collaborations. Our first collaboration was on a project that they [The Clipse] did and then, one time I used him on my album, “From Nothing To Something.” We always remained cool. We’ve always been fans of each other’s music and we kept bumping into each other last summer and throughout 2012 like “Yo. We should do something together man bigger than just a record and take the show on the road.” I remember even Pharrell said that we should do a mixtape or something together. We talked about the tour and were able to put the tour together. It’s going well so far.

Do you have anything weird on your tour rider? I asked Pusha this same question and he gave me a pretty bland answer.
Nah I think all my shit is like normal. I think certain people do that [weird stuff] to show their celebrity to themselves. I got Ciroc, coconut, Fiji waters, assortment of teas, honey, Starbursts…

The yellow Starbursts or all colors?
All the colors. I need to have variety. You don’t like the yellow? I don’t like the orange.

The yellow and orange are disgusting. They should make just a sleeve of the pink ones and the red ones.
I heard they had that. They had an all one flavor one before. They also had one with a question mark on it so you don’t know what it is.

It’s probably a yellow one. What else.
Reese buttercups and uh, everything else is like soda, juice. At this point, I just need what I need.

Are you “over” celebrity? You seem like you’re over it.
[Laughs] Nah nah. I’m not. I’m OVER extra shit! You know what I’m saying? I think that’s where the music business is where it is today because at one point, we were just splurging so much money and it was just EXTRA. Everything was just EXTRA and over did. Now, people are being as creative as they were but they’re not spending $500,000 or a million on a video. They’re spending 1/10 th of that and getting the same kind of creativity. That’s the thing I’ve “over.” I’m over anything extra or people are doing just to overdue something.

Speaking of music videos, your new video “Ready” featuring Chris Brown was shot in the Dominican Republic as was A$AP Rocky’s “Wild for the Night.” Was that just an excuse to go to the D.R. and have Def Jam pay for it?
Ummm. I mean, it’s a peaceful environment. For me, I wanted to connect it to the culture. Being that I’m half Dominican, I wanted to attach that culture someway without waving around the D.R. flag. I thought it was a way to capture that culture, some of the beauty of the island, some of the people and go someplace different shooting your video. People are doing the same story and background, whether it’s in LA or their neighborhood or whatever. For me, it was important to go someplace else with it and look different from the last time you’ve seen me. I saw the A$AP one and it was a different vibe.

Your video was in the nice part of the Dominican Republic. His? Not so much.
I didn’t even know his was in D.R. I swear to God, I was like “This is any Third World country.” Honduras or Venezuela or something. It looked like it could have been any of those placed. Mine looked like it more fit like “D.R. vacation.”

The plot line of a maid falling in love with you. Was this inspired by true-life events?
That was like :Maid in Manhattan.” The fantasy, fairytale scenario to show people that you could be a maid in a resort and meet somebody special who wants to just take you away from having to work hard and work as a maid every day.

Do you still have family in the Dominican Republic?
Um. I believe somebody’s there. I don’t have much connection because my father died and I don’t have much connection to his side of the family.

Are you interested in reconnecting to that side?
Nah. I’m really not that interested in trying to dig too deep. I just feel like it’s part of me but even at the same time, even in my younger years as a child, he wasn’t that great as a …You know what I’m saying? It’s not nothing that now, I want to embark on like, ‘I wonder this. I wonder that.’ Certain people have that feeling like “I want to know this. I want to know that.” I have none.