‘Fashion Queens’ Host Miss Lawrence Discusses New Lipstick and T-Shirt Lines


Miss Lawrence of Fashion Queens is a celebrity hairstylist who has an impressive résumé in the industry. Not only is he focused on giving the realness on the Bravo television show with co-hosts Derek J and Bevy Smith, but also the Georgia-native has a few plans up his chic sleeve that he unveiled to the Jasmine Brand.

His lipstick line titled “Les Levres,” which means lips in French, will feature Geisha Girl, a bright red hypoallergenic lipstick. “It’s just really, really red, brilliant bright red and I just love. It will be on the market soon,” Lawrence said.

Another fashion venture he’s embarking on is a t-shirt line called Signed by a Queen.

With quotes imprinted on the shirt such as “I don’t break laws, I break tradition” and “Dear officials, I will marry him if I want to” will be in stores “very soon” the fashionista said. “As soon as we get it in stores everyone will be, we’ll send an email blast out to let everybody know where you can get “Signed by a Queen” from.”

The television personality also expressed a passion in music. “I love to sing that is something that I do everyday.”

With plans of constructing a salon, his music wishes are on hold so that his focus is solely on building a team and what will serve best as a steady income for the time being. “I have to be realistic about what is paying my bills at the moment.”

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Photo Credit: Bravotv