The Game Confuses Amanda Bynes For Convicted Killer Jodi Arias


Between defending his drunken rage at Lure nightclub and donning Jesus pieces, The Game isn’t expected to know everything about pop culture but this has to be the most hilarious blunder a rapper has made since Flavor Flav confused Miley for Gwen.

When TMZ asked the “Jesus Piece” rapper his thoughts on Amanda Bynes’ recent behavior during his visit to New York, he said, “F*ck Amanda Bynes … isn’t she the killer? She the person that killed somebody or something?”

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Before Bynes gets to slapping more lawsuits, it turns out Jayceon Taylor confused the former Nickelodeon starlet for Jodi Arias, who was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend in Arizona. “Yeah, I get my killers mixed up,” he said upon learning his mistake.

But The Game was quick to give Amanda daps after being told she busted a bong and wants to be a rapper. “Well, her street cred is on point,” he said.