Gentlemen’s Corner: B5 Talks New Music, Dating and Fave Summer Styles on Women


VV: Is there a release date for the album?
Dustin: We’re actually close to finishing, but we’re putting all the pieces to the puzzle together right now. We’re probably have something in a couple of months.

Are there any other producers that you guys are working with?
Patrick: We didn’t want to use a bunch of producers because sometimes you kind of lose your sound. Harmony’s done a great deal of body of work on the album. He kind of came together with this whole sound we were looking for. We also worked with someone else from the UK, Lucas Siecon.

Nice. There are a lot of successful boy band acts coming back to the music scene like 98 Degrees, NKOTB and Backstreet Boys. And Boyz II Men is touring right now. How do you feel about the vets and the new acts like The Wanted and Mindless Behavior?
Patrick: We give props to all the bands doing their thing, but I feel like we’re not coming back. We’re already back. Everybody has their own lane and we have ours. The business is crazy, so you have to keep pushing.
Carnell: It’s nothing but respect to all of them.
Dustin: There’s no problems with any of the bands out now–One Direction, Mindless Behavior, Backstreet, none of them. It’s all love.

Since you guys appreciate their music, what are some other artists you guys are jamming to right now?
Patrick: Personally, I’m down with the A$AP Rocky record with Skrillex.

“Wild for the Night.”
Patrick: I love A$AP and I love Skrillex, man.
Dustin: It was a really nice combo.
Carnell: Justin Timberlake’s new album. I like Macklemore right now, too. I think he’s pretty dope. I got a lot of love for Dawn Richards right now. She’s doing her thing. I’m really loving this Big Boi song, too. “Only in the A.”
Dustin: I listen to everything. I go all the way from 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Kanye West and Jay-Z to Katy Perry. My variety of music is pretty wide.I like hip-hop a lot.
I love fun.
Carnell: I still love R&B. Brandy will always be my favorite.
Dustin: I’m a big fan of the song T.I has out right now called “Memories” with B.o.B. It’s really crazy.

You guys mentioned earlier your interest with hip-hop and EDM. Do see you guys stepping into that sound?
Dustin: I’d like to see if we can collab with Skrillex and see what we can come up with. I’m pretty sure we can come up with something dope. As far as that sound and that type of music, it’s definitely interesting to us.
Patrick: Steve Aoki is pretty dope and Afrojack. They work with a lot of artists.

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