Gentlemen’s Corner: Omarion Talks New Album, The Power of Women and Working With Jhené Aiko


VV: How do you think women will respond to you now opposed to the B2K days, or when you first started dropping your solo projects?
O: My fans that have stuck with me since that time up until now have experienced life the way that I have experienced life. Either you get better or worse with it, but whatever it is, it’s progressiveness. We’ve experienced love and love lost. The difference for me would be my approach [to music] and being able to speak with them since we’ve kind of grew up together, just in a more mature fashion.

Do you think you’ll build a stronger connection with this new album that’s coming?
I don’t want to say stronger. I think my words are clearer. They can understand where I’m coming from.

You’ve mentioned wanting to bring authentic R&B and performance back. Explain that a little bit further. Will your album sound like an evolution of Care Package or will there be some other sounds that you’ll experiment with?
It’ll be great music. I don’t want to say it’ll be an extension of Care Package because it was great, but I’m always pushing to try new things and do it bigger and better. I will say that sonically, it will be a part two, a continuation.

Now, you’ve worked with Jhené Aiko previously. Are you incorporating her into your new music?
The reason why I do collaborations is not just because I’m a fan of certain people’s music but because I feel like there’s a connection with my music and their music. With Jhene being a part of my family and us doing this as long as we’ve done it, it’s only right. There are moments where we’ve sat in the house and I play the piano and we’ll harmonize songs. People never seen that.