Gesaffelstein And Brodinski Break Bromance Barriers At Webster Hall’s Girls & Boys


There was a massive Bromance going down Friday night (May 24) at New York’s infamous Webster Hall. The French record label, headed by producers Brodinski and Gesaffelstein, put on a show so hard the crowd was riveted with Bro-ners. Their signature back-to-back set provided the Girls & Boys party with an ominous, bass-filled vibe.

Brodi and Gesaff went track-for-track, continuously tweaking and altering the other spinner’s songs, heightening the hype of the packed crowd. Playing a mix of their own original hard-hitting techno tracks, those of their fellow French producers Club Cheval, and the occasional trap-rap song courtesy of Brodinski. The astonishing three and a half hour set performed by the Bromance duo, got even more turnt up when fellow producer A-Trak made a surprise stage visit for a few minutes to pay his respects.

The most noteworthy tracks of the evening were Gesaffelstein’s “Viol” mixed with Missy Elliot’s “Work It”, which had the crowd in utter shock and awe, as did Myd from Club Cheval’s “Same Old Brand New”. The crowd was mainly filled with die-hard fans of Gesaffelstein and Brodinski, and the occasional music enthusiast who showed up to test the hype. But nearly everyone in attendance stayed till the end of their set at 3:00am. Following their ground shaking performance, fellow Bromance artist, Louisahhh!!! performed alongside Brodinski for another hour with a nearly-full house. Showcasing her DJ skills, and excellent taste in music, the female producer had those in attendance absolutely stunned with her musical talents.

Photo Credit: Nicky Digital