Ghetto Tours Stopped After Bronx Residents Express Outrage


A company offering “ghetto” tours stopped providing the trips after residents and politicians in the Bronx complained.

The Real Bronx Tours company took tourists to the South Bronx, one of the poorest areas in America, aboard tour buses. Stops on the trip included soup kitchens, housing projects and purportedly dangerous parks.

The tour website touted the area as “notorious for drugs, gangs, crime and murders,” and highlighted the danger of the tourist trip.

Bronx politicians were outraged after hearing about the company, and Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. sent an open letter to the company, urging them to profiting off of a tour that “misrepresents the Bronx as a haven for poverty and crime, while mocking everything from our landmarks to the less fortunate members of our community who are availing themselves of food assistance programs.”

The company has stopped the ghetto tours this week after the response.