Ghost-Hunting Dad Catches Girlfriend Sleeping With Son On Camera

A man in Australia was obsessed with finding ghosts, but instead found a scandal going on in his own home.

After placing a camera in his own home to see what ectoplasmic evidence he could find that ghosts were spooking his house, the Australian man caught his teenage son violating his girlfriend. Maybe he was too focused on getting his Dr. Peter Venkman which allowed his girlfriend to find other ways to fill up her free time.

The man saw the two kissing and cuddling on camera, and while the significant other said that it was nothing, his son broke down and confessed to the infidelity. The disrespectful duo had slept together three times which prompted the elder man to remove his proton pack and bust his soon-to-be ex for sleeping with a minor.

Crown Prosecutor Jackie Hartnett said that the woman went into her stepson’s room originally to talk about driving lessons. After some playful tickling and jovial behavior, the camera caught the two kissing and the rest, as they say, was history. It just so happened that that was the same day her boyfriend set up the camera to catch the would-be ghosts, yet instead caught his girlfriend with his son.

Police were soon called, the woman confessed to her infidelity charges, was booked and pleaded guilty to five counts of intercourse with a minor. Defense attorney Steve Chopping said that the couple has broken up over the incident and that she felt terrible for what she did.

Props: NewsOne