Can You Gig It? New Facebook Game Turns You Into A Star


“This ain’t no farm” was the overall theme during last night’s GIG-IT event at New York City’s Capitale. The new social game is making its way to Facebook this month and will let players create 3D concerts featuring virtual versions of famous musicians performing the hottest songs right off the airwaves.

Powered by the Xbox 360’s Kinect device accessory, players will be able to customize every aspect of the concert, including the music, backup dancers, speakers, opening act, headline performers, wardrobes, sponsors and even the venue. While users have the option to share their works of musical arts with their friends and followers on Facebook, special attention has been made to the social game create-a-performer element.

VIBE got an early hint at the night’s festivities that saw the best and brightest hit the stage and mingle. The GIG-IT team showed us a demo of the game and afterwards we chatted with GIG-IT CEO John Acunto and artist, T-Pain. The motto (“This ain’t no farm.”) does take a jab at the popular Facebook game FarmVille, FarmVille 2, yet as you’ll see that GIG-IT’s advantageous debut is only the beginning.

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