‘The Hangover Part III’: Zach Galifianakis Doesn’t Want To Be Racist on the Red Carpet

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Zach Galifianakis didn’t have to talk to VIBE, but he didn’t want to come off as racist, so he stopped everything to chat us up on the red carpet at the premiere of the third and final film in The Hangover franchise.

Just like his beloved character in the flick, Alan, you never know what will come out of Galifianakis’ mouth. Says co-star Sasha Barrese, “Zach is probably the funniest human being on Earth.” Co-star Mike Epps seconds that thought. “That dayum Zach. We could not keep him from cracking jokes,” said Epps. “From the time we got on the set to the time we left Zach [Galifianakis] was cracking jokes.”

But there are more emotional moments too in The Hangover Part III, which takes a deeper, introspective look at Galifianakis’ character. Check out the flick in theaters this Memorial Day weekend.