High School ‘Hotness Tournament’ Shocks Students And Parents


A high school in Washington is being criticized over a “hotness tournament” that shocked students and parents

According to reports, Issaquah High School students were thrown into an online tournament that pits students against one another in terms of physical attractiveness. Hosted on a website by owners currently unknown to the school district, officials are working on taking the site down as soon as possible.

School district spokeswoman Sarah Niegowski commented on the controversy. “These are pretty smart folks behind this. They know their first amendment rights. They’re very quiet about who it is and the group behind it,” Niegowski explained.

While she acknowledged that the tournament “doesn’t feel good to anybody,” Niegowski couldn’t say if charges would be pressed on the people responsible for the site.

“This kind of thing is sexualizing us girls like we’re some sort of trophy,” sophomore Devon Keller explained.

“Almost every teenage girl has self-esteem issues. And doing something like that is absolutely ridiculous,” student Tristan Robinson added.

The school reportedly has similar incident last May but was able to successfully shut down the website.