‘Hit The Floor’ Actress Taylour Paige’s 4 Favorite Cinco de Mayo Treats


The premiere of VH1’s new show Hit The Floor–a drama about a fictional basketball team and its dancers The Devil Girls–shines light on acting newbie Taylour Paige.

Starring as the main character Ahsha, who tries out for (and makes) the squad against her mother’s (Kimberly Elise) wishes, a naive Paige enters a dicey new world that may find her shedding her good girl persona.

Vixen caught up with VH1’s new leading lady about her love for upcoming holiday Cinco de Mayo. Although the 24-hour fest represents Mexico’s victory over France in 1862, it’s evolved into a history lesson for some but a chance to simply party for others (“I’ll probably go out with girls, get dressed up, put on sombrero and get burritos).

No stranger to Spanish food or tossing back non-alcoholic spirits, Ms. Paige dished on her four favorite May 5 treats.

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