How to Know If Reality TV Is For You


Become a celebrity overnight?

It’s far from an over-arching dream nowadays where reality shows are being handed out like hot-selling mixtapes in the 80s. There’s a seven-year-old “Honey Boo Boo Child” running around cashing in big bucks for her famed quotes, adding the TLC project to the roster of must-see TV. But don’t be fooled, there are a large group of women who would snap into actress mode right now and depict a tiny country bumpkin themselves, given the opportunity. From blockbuster catfights and incessant love triangles, without a doubt, reality television makes for a calamitous genre of junk TV. Kind of like the kit-kat bar to the perfectly well-balanced diet–a guilty pleasure.

And though some may continue to bash the Kim Kardashians of the world, reality royals continue to build on their gated empire that have women everywhere running to attain the same version of instant success. It may look easy to reveal your inner crazy on cue, but is it really for you?

Aspiring reality stars take to casting auditions like 9-to-5’s. It’s their moment to tap dance for producers and a chance to open the gates to reality fame. Remember shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills? TV spots that first made us feel like our lives and friends are cool enough to have our own series. But as much as you may live a camera-ready lifestyle, reality shows want moral extremes, vulnerability, those willing to reveal their most intimate and personal experiences.

Auditions are everything, except a walk in the park either. It’s highly unlikely that you will be draft picked by a producer on the street who thinks you have the IT factor to star in The Real World. In fact, the way you look has little to do with what the network execs want from you. So that you never walk into an audition room blind-sided, keep in mind that you are one of hundreds auditioning for the role to play yourself.

Ask yourself this: What makes you stand out? Do you have any juicy relationships? What’s the wildest thing you’ve done out of anger? Is your ex still in your life? Do you have any weird habits or routines? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Any past eating disorders, drug problems or bad drinking habits? Do you get along with various personality types? What’s your relationship like with your family?

Producers want to know it all, ladies. So before diving in to live out your reality show dreams, be prepped to show and tell everything.

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