IMS Engage: Best Diplo Quotes From Conversation With Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom


Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom sits down with social media guru and producer Diplo in a IMS Engage discussion to talk about social media’s influence over the EDM genre and their parallel progressions. Listen in on the 40 minute discussion above to gain insight on some groundbreaking facts (like did you know Diplo prefers Android over iPhone), or check out our most entertaining/insightful Diplo quotes from the event below:

“There are some people at my concerts who have iPads…it’s pretty awkward. You look like an old man.”

“Social media for me is like a lot of smoke and mirrors – proving why you’re important, why you’re relevant…When I was in Singapore, one of the clubs would book artists and had their fees relevant to what their Facebook numbers were.”

“Once you get past 100,000 followers [on Instagram], it grows really fast…I’m kind of nervous now when I post things. I sort of have of level of likes that I want to get, and I’m so addicted to these 10,000 likes and always want to get that. It’s kind of like my high now.”

“I don’t like to have my fans control the way my music should sound, or what it should be. It’s about what I want to do.”

“Critics are our biggest fear. We don’t want to have people not like our music anymore. That’s all we have.”

“Dance music is disposable in general. Dance records come and go…So a lot of times you have to look past making those instant dance hits and find what is it about you as an artist that makes you special.”

“If you want to have success, one thing I tell young DJs is that you have to start locally. There’s so many scenes here…I think you can start something locally and build an attitude and style around it.”

“Some of my favorite Instagram accounts are professional photographers that use it as a hobby…as well as really cute girls who post some selfies.”

“It’s not about your social media presence, it’s about what you’re doing with it.”