Instagram Introduces New Feature: “Photos Of You”


One of the world’s most popular social media applications, Instagram has recently added a brand new feature to its platform.

Taking a cue from Facebook – the company that acquired it over a year ago, the photo sharing company now allows users to tag each other in pictures. Instagram, currently in its second year, revealed the new component on its blog yesterday.

“We’re excited to introduce Photos of You and bring you a new way to share and discover stories on Instagram,” it wrote. “When you upload a photo to Instagram, you’re now able to add people as easily as you add hashtags. Only you can add people to your photos, so you have control over the images you share.”

Instagram also stated that users will have until May 16, to play with the new function before it becomes visible to other people. The social networking service caters to over 100 million active users via iPhone and Android devices, across the entire world.

You can find more information about how Photos of You works and how to control your visibility at