J.R. Smith On Knicks’ Poor Play: ‘I Take The Blame For This Whole Series”


Knicks loyalists have been catching the shade on Twitter after back-to-back-to-back losses against the Indiana Pacers in Round 2 of the NBA playoff series. While coach Mike Woodson’s inability to switch up the line-up and poor performances from the team’s usual shining stars, there is one player who is willing to take the heat for NY’s disappointing plays. “My frustration with myself is extremely high. I take the blame for this whole series,” J.R. Smith told the New York Daily News. “It started off in (Game 5) in Boston… I haven’t been playing (like) myself. I haven’t been playing my part. I’ve been letting my teammates down. I’ve been letting my coaches down. And it doesn’t feel good.” Smith has been battling flu-like symptoms (many speculate it stemmed from his reported night out on the town with alleged ex gal-pal Rihanna in NYC last week) but has still showed up in the hardwood, putting up less than stellar numbers. Even a parody account on Twitter has poked fun at his slacking skills called @DidJRSmithMiss.

During Tuesday’s Game 4 against the Pacers, Smith finished 7-for-22, landing 19 points and two rebounds. Still, Woodson and NYK headliner Carmelo Anthony both believe no. 8 can regain his former glory as long as he stays active. “We’re going to need him to score some for us,” coach said. “He’s going to have to put these two games here in Indiana behind us.” Melo added, “I want J.R. to shoot. He can’t take the shots with him. I don’t want him to stop shooting. I want him to stay aggressive.” After a devastating 93-82 Game 4 loss, the Knicks now fall behind the Pacers 3-1 and head to the Garden for Game 5 this Thursday. Photo Credit: Howard Simmons/New York Daily News