JR Smith Responds to Rihanna Diss: ‘I’m Not Worried About Instagram Comments’


J.R. Smith and RihannaJ.R. Smith isn’t letting Rihanna get away with talking that talk.

The  bad gal, who has been spotted in New York shooting her Budweiser commercial, went ham on Instagram about her rumored boo.

After being blamed by a NY Knicks fans for their game four loss in the playoffs against the Indiana Pacers, the fashion designer responded by calling Smith “desert thirsty.

“I’m not worried about Instagram comments,” the shooting guard said in an interview with ESPN after their revival win Thursday night (May 16).

But that didn’t stop him from throwing meme subliminals towards Chris Brown’s ex with the caption, “#LMFAO I had to do this!!! Great morning world!”

JR Smith