K. Michelle Outs Mimi’s Boo, Rasheeda Surprises Kirk On ‘L&HH ATL’

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On last night’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,’ things kicked off with Stevie J and Mimi meeting up to talk about their daughter. The conversation quickly turns into Stevie interrogating Mimi on her new man, Nikko, and asking her why she was with a Stevie J knock-off. Stevie claims that he misses Mimi but she isn’t buying his lip service. Good thing. Stevie has clearly moved on to his new artist Che Mack. The producer not only visits her after finding out her apartment has been robbed, but also buys her a huge 42″ television. He tells her that this is just the first of many reasons he’ll give her to smile. Whoa.

News about Stevie and Che Mack has gotten back to Joseline and she is not happy. Jos flips out out Stevie for working with Che and tells him that his focus should be solely on her. Stevie denies that he’s ever been in the studio with Che (Lies).

Shay stops by her bff Momma Dee’s house just as Scrappy drops by. Momma Dee brings out a special “EOE” cake (which stands for “End of Engagement”) and is a little too happy about Scrappy and Erica breaking up. Scrappy is shocked and tells her that he’s taking a break from being engaged, and also taking a break from being a son. The two get into it as Shay cuts herself a slice of cake. Why let a perfectly good pound cake go to waste, right?

Scrappy later sits down with his father and admits to having trust issues because of his mother. His Dad criticizes his son for his behavior and tells him Momma Dee might be the problem behind his failed engagement.

In other failed relationships, Traci continues to deal with baby daddy Drew. The now-business partners interview new sales associates at their new store (which we’re still not sure sells exactly what). Traci realizes this is just a casting call for every broke down video vixen in Atlanta and Drew is flirting with them all. As always, she storms off. Surprise. Surprise.

Rasheeda finally breaks the news to Kirk that she’s pregnant and oh boy, Kirk aint’ happy. “I don’t think the timing’s right,” he says, with little emotion. Rasheeda starts crying and says that Kirk wants everything on his timeline. Just last year, he was chastising her for not having a baby and being too career-driven and now this. Kirk blasts Rasheeda for being lazy with her contraception and she does the same. What Rash sees as a “blessing,” is nothing but a “setback” to Kirk. Will this be the end of the only healthy relationship on this show?!

One relationship that’s put to the test quickly, is Mimi and Nikko. As she gets ready to star in her man’s music video, Mimi invites her girls K. Michelle and Ariane to the set. The girls find out that Nikko’s friend, rapper Johnny Crome, is on the song, and throw a fit. Both claim that word around town is that Johnny is gay and on the Down Low. Mimi is shocked by the accusation and says that Johnny only gets bad bitches. Like clockwork, Johnny and Nikko walk in (wearing pilot uniforms for the shoot). Johnny and K start arguing over his sexuality. Nikko jumps in and K accuses him of being gay too. He’s had it. Nikko throws K. Michelle out of the shoot and tells her that he will ruin her career.

Once K walks out, Mimi and Ariane start arguing about what went down. Ariane tries to defend Ka and says that two men should not have ganged up on one woman. Mimi is just tired of teh nonsense. She breaks down and starts screaming about why nothing can ever be hers and everyone wants to ruin her life. She brushes away her tears and gets back to work. For now, Nikko is here to stay but Mimi’s relationship with her girls hangs in the balance.