K. Michelle Responds to Rihanna Calling J.R. Smith ‘Desert Thirsty’


Rihanna was accused of throwing J.R. Smith off his Knickstape game during the playoffs this season. And like any other time when the Bajan artist feels attacked, she claps back. To a angry commenter and avid Knicks fan, RiRi spewed, “fuck you and your wack ass team!! Nobody don’t want that desert thirsty nigga!!”

Well, Smith’s ex-girlfriend K. Michelle visited Invasion Radio to respond to the RiRi’s choice of words. “That’s how she felt,” the “V.S.O.P.” singer told host Boss Lady. “I laughed the shit out of it.”

K. also added a mini shot, referencing their public and messy breakup. “Same way you got mad and tried to play me, you got played right back.”