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Kanye West "New Slaves" Projections Shut Down in Houston

Kanye West fans expecting to see the rapper's "New Slaves" projections at various locations throughout Houston, only saw flashing lights instead. Three of West's locations in H-Town -- the Rothko Chapel, the Central Library downtown and the George Bush Monument -- were a no-go during the second weekend of West's public video screening across the globe.

Last week, the video for 'Ye's controversial new single "New Slaves," off his upcoming Yeezus LP, debuted -- without a hitch -- on 66 walls across the globe: Toronto, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, Los Angeles and more. Yesterday, West announced via Twitter that Round 2 of the worldwide projections would include cities such as Birmingham, U.K.; Milan, Italy; Auckland, New Zealand; San Diego, California and several more. Fans made their way to the new locations half-hoping for a new video or track, but were greeted by the same visuals of the week before ... and in some cases, like Houston, the smell of bacon.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the three video projection locations were shutdown for various reasons. Cops told fans at Houston's Rothko Chapel that they'd be arrested for trespassing if they did not leave. Ironic that a church shutdown West's screening, considering West's play on all things holy for this sixth album -- from the Yeezus title, to tracks like "I Am A God."

Technical difficulties were to blame for Central Library's botched screening, while the George Bush Monument was less of a pleasant story according to fans. “All we saw were the sprinklers come on and obnoxious people screaming Kanye threats,” a fan said. The George Bush Monument fail is also interesting to note considering that little incident from the Hurricane Katrina telethon in 2006. While the loaction was not originally listed on Kanye West's website, it was tweeted out via Roc-A-Fella Records, who will release West's new record.

There were no reports of arrests from any of the locations.

Yeezus drops June 18. Below is the successful projection from the Auckland, New Zealand location captured on Friday, May 24.

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DJ Khaled Drops "Weather The Storm" Video Starring Meek Mill And Lil Baby

At this point, saying "another one" is redundant and exhausting. With that being said, DJ Khaled dropped another music video from his recently released album, Father of Asahd. The new visuals were for "Weather the Storm," starring Meek Mill and Lil Baby.

The black-and-white video shows the trio sharing a powerful message in front of a church choir. Both Meek and Lil Baby remind fans of the hurdles they had to jump over to make it to their spot. "I went from licks to most wanted to the top of the Forbes/F**ked up the trenches/I weather the storm/Young living legend, I be on that sh*t that these n***as ain't on," Meek spits.

As previously mentioned, "Weather the Storm" is the latest single to receive video treatment from Khaled's 11th studio album. The mega-producer previously dropped the videos for "Wish Wish," starring Cardi B and 21 Savage, the Nipsey Hussle and John Legend-assisted single, "Higher," "Just Us" with SZA, "Celebrate" featuring Travis Scott and Post Malone, and "Jealous" with Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Big Sean.

Watch the "Weather the Storm" video above.

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Noam Galai

Aretha Franklin's Niece Discovers Handwritten Wills Under Couch Cushions

Aretha Franklin's niece, Sabrina Owens, was sorting through her aunt's personal belongings when she discovered three handwritten wills scattered throughout her Oakland County, Michigan home, The Associated Press reports. It was originally believed that Franklin didn't leave a will behind.

Owens reportedly found one of the wills, which was written in 2010, under couch cushions. The other two, written in 2014, she came across in a locked cabinet. All three of the wills were filed in a probate court in Oakland County.

In the documents, Franklin requested that her son, Kecalf Franklin, be the personal representative of her estate, although he previously handed the reigns over to Owens. The 2014 document details which assets should go to which relative.

A statement from Owens said, "she remains neutral and wishes that all parties involved make wise choices on behalf of their mother, her rich legacy, the family and the Aretha Franklin estate."

It's been nearly one year since Aretha Franklin passed away in Aug. 2018. The legendary musician was 76 years old at the time of her death.

A hearing to confirm the validity of the wills is scheduled for June 12.

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Lachlan Cunnigham

Former Boxer Sues Jay-Z's Roc Nation Over Severe Brain Damage

Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports are reportedly being sued by former boxer, Daniel Franco, for the severe brain damage he suffered as a result of being pressured into competing in three fights within 79 days, TMZ reports.

Franco reportedly inked a deal with the sports division of the multifaceted company in 2015. It wasn't until 2017 that Franco ran into some medical issues. The athlete claims he came down with the flu before a big match and was unable to train for three weeks as a result. Franco said he told Roc Nation that he needed to postpone or cancel the match, but the label allegedly pressured him into keeping his schedule.

Unfortunately, Franco lost in the third round. He should have taken time off to recover from his loss, but Roc Nation reportedly booked him to fight another match only 50 days later. The company then booked a third fight a month after.

As a result, Franco said he suffered two skull fractures and a brain bleed before he even stepped into the ring for his third fight. Despite his unsatisfactory bill of health, he fought in the third match, lost, and suffered more brain damage in the process.

Franco said he was later diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage and briefly fell into a coma. Doctors were forced to remove a piece of his skull to relieve pressure from the bleed.

Franco awoke from his coma two weeks later, but he claims he still has severe neurological and cognitive issues and is required to wear a helmet at all times. Franco claims Roc Nation is liable because the company never took the proper steps to make sure he was medically fit to fight.

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