Kilo Kish Talks Makeup and Nightlife


kilo kishKilo Kish puts the “T” in triple threat. You’ve probably heard the 22 year old’s mixtape featuring a few heavy hitters—ASAP Ferg and Childish Gambino—by now, but did you know the Florida native is also a textile designer and painter?

She recently stat down with Refinery 29 and spoke on her favorite mascara (it’s L’Oreal’s Great Lash Mascara by the way) and how her music is “intertwined with nightlife and meeting other artists,” she says. Read the full interview here and click the page to see a few of our favorite looks on her.

On what’s in her purse:
“YSL lipsticks are great for going out as well as classic L’Oreal Great Lash Mascara. Oh, and I always wear Smashbox Perfecting Bronzer on my cheeks.”

On nightlife:
“I find myself alone waiting for friends at bars from time to time (I’m always weirdly early or on time). I get a lot of songwriting ideas just from people watching and taking in the energy of different bars and clubs. I love witnessing drunken logic and the pursuit of love on any given night in NYC.”

Advice on lame parties:
“Well, I think no matter what, people love to dance and feel moved by music. If a party is dead and the music is good, then the people are just uptight. In situations like that, it’s best to have as much fun as you can. Play the Spice Girls or whatever you dance to in your underwear at home because, chances are, other people do the same. Dance and have the most fun you can—others will follow.”

Photo Credit: Refinery 29