Kitty Pryde Speaks On Danny Brown’s On-Stage Oral Sex Incident


Did he or didn’t he: that was the question.

Rapper Danny Brown has people scratching their heads in disbelief after he reportedly got oral sex from a female fan during a recent Minneapolis gig. Even Kendrick Lamar was flabbergasted.

“@xdannyxbrownx u really just got the head on stage stanny???” the Good Kid tweeted before offering up e-daps.

We’ll have Brown’s close friend Kitty Pryde answer that:

” But we all know what happened last week at our show in Minneapolis, an event that we’re currently referring to in the bus as “The Thing,” because we all kind of want to forget about it. Ever since it happened the universal respect Danny commanded has splintered into two groups: one side thinking he’s way more awesome than they should, and the other thinking he’s an awful misogynist and hack. This bothers me a lot. Him too, but mostly me. I’m mad as hell, to be honest.

I’m mad that a person thought it was okay to pull another person’s pants down during their performance in front of about 700 other people. I’m mad that a person thought it was a good idea to perform a sex act on another person without their consent. I’m mad that nobody made her leave. I’m mad that Danny had to actually wonder what he was supposed to do at that point. I’m mad that when I went home and said I had no respect for that girl, I was attacked for being a “slut-shamer” (after literally leading a girl to his hotel room at 3AM at her request) and, even more outrageously, for being jealous of the girl who sucked his dick. I’m mad that when two dudes pulled my pants down onstage, other people got mad too, but when it happened to Danny the initial reaction was like one big high-five. I’m mad that people are treating “The Thing” like it’s some legendary event. I’m mad that even though they know exactly who the girl is, nobody in the media will even talk to her. I’m mad that I get a bunch of emails a day asking me to talk about my best friend’s “misogyny” and “classless behavior”, from people who have heard only rumors and seen only one very blurry and inconclusive iPhone photo.”

While there’s still no official word from the gap-toothed MC on the matter, you can read all of Kitty’s thoughts on “The Thing” here.