Lauren London: Hollywood’s Not-So-Nice Girl


Lauren London

LAUREN LONDON IS MILES beyond Down South coming-of-age flick ATL, both literally and figuratively. The 28-year-old actress phones in from the Left Coast, somewhere in the Hills where cell service is worst than kitten heels. She sounds calm but prepared. Sugary sweet even. But the mom of 4-year-old son Cameron with rapper Lil Wayne makes no mistake about her ability to take it to a place called There when it comes to he said, she said chatter.

Despite hanging against the Hollywood ropes for a round (or three) while pregnant, L-Boogie maintained consistent work, managing to appear in quite a few silver screen features (I Love You, Beth Cooper, Next Day Air, Good Hair) and TV slots (90210, Entourage). Still, her off-screen journey is where most media attention locks in, splashing headlines of false romantic match-ups and speculations about her relationship with Weezy across the ‘net. “I’m still a human and things do hurt, but you can’t let people’s opinions define you because we’re all battling something,” she says of brushing up rumors, adding, “Me? Yeah, I’m definitely a fighter.”

While appealing to both African American-specific and mainstream audiences like a Top 40 pop record, Lauren’s personal life–the intimate details, at least–remains off-limits. Behind the curtain? A semi-vet who is admittedly in the business but not of it. “My life, my son’s life, my soul and who I am as a person means much more to me than the limelight,” she explains. “[Acting] is what I chose to do, not who I am.” No matter how much blogs try to peel back specifics, Lauren remains tight-lipped. “If they want to see more of me, go rent your movies or watch the show.”

Now, officially taking lead role reigns in BET’s fan-favorite sitcom The Game as flirty former child star Keira Whitaker, the Rachel Zoe-loving prima donna’s back on Hollywood geo-maps and rubbing elbows with Tinseltown’s brown-faced elite (see: Gabrielle Union, Loretta Devine, Regina King, Mekhi Phifer). Edit in: London’s forthcoming character as Paula Patton’s little sis and bride-to-be in David E. Talbert’s Baggage Claim, due later this year. “I’m engaged to Terrence J, which is awesome because he’s really like my brother in real life, so I love him.”

Any chance LL’s walking down the aisle anytime soon? “I’m not dating at all. I don’t know if I’ll have the time. But I’m very fiery and sassy, so I need someone to keep up with that.”

But there’s more to Lauren’s bark and bite. And apparently, we don’t know the half. — Niki McGloster