Lebron James Brings Back Animated Series, ‘The Lebrons’


When’s the last time your favorite NBA star had his own animated series?

While the reigning king of the hardwood continues his quest for a second consecutive NBA championship, fans will once again be able to watch the carton Lebron on the small screen.. Recently, the league’s MVP has launched season two of his animated series The Lebrons, via Microsoft’s gaming console XBox 360. The seven episode series is being revived by Believe Entertainment Group and now features James’ quirky characters in 3D CGI-animation, courtesy of Counter Punch Studios. Similar to season one, which debuted in 2011, The Lebrons will be based around James’ four major personality traits and everyday topic such as family, teamwork, community and more. The series is now available on Xbox Video or MSN Video Hub on msn.com.

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Check out the season 2 trailer below: