L&HH ATL Recap: K. Michelle And Rasheeda Throw Candles, Erica Goes Ham

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Last night’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta saw the women fed up. A cat fight started brewing early as we saw Karlie Redd recording a diss track against K. Michelle. Rasheeda echoed her dislike for K and pondered whether she should spit a few bars on the song too.

What better place to contemplate than at Mimi’s housewarming party? Mimi “mistakenly” (Translation: The producers told her to) invites enemies K. Michelle and Rasheeda to the soiree and it’s clear the women are not fans of each other. They barely speak. Finally K. Michelle blasts Rasheeda for talking smack about her on Instagram while Rasheeda says K was running her yap to the blogs. Rasheeda tries to walk away but not before catching K dissing her hubby Kirk. Oh, it’s on now. The two start fighting and K even throws a candle at Rasheeda. Eat hot wax! The show’s security catches the two before a full-on assault.

Later, Rasheeda and Kirk talk about the fight. Apparently K’s diss that Kirk wears “three earrings” is wrong because he wears four earrings. Kirk says that K can question his sexuality all she wants but he won’t have her putting the paws on Rasheeda.

Elsewhere, Mimi and Stevie J struggle to co-parent now that Mimi has her own pad. Stevie wants to know where Mimi lives to pick up his daughter (or stalk her). She won’t tell him and he continues to push. Stevie then asks Mimi if she’s dating anybody and asks if her hypothetical new man has a body like his. In the same breath, Stevie compliments Mimi for looking good, says he’ll stalk her down and then asks for a kiss. What a guy.

The producer has his own issues mounting. His other other lady, Joseline, is not paying him management fees. She does a show and refuses to give Steebie a cut because he didn’t set it up. We find out that Jos has been working with Dawn, her friend and new manager. Stevie is not happy.

Joseline and Karlie Redd reconnect to dish about their love lives. Karlie says that Benzino is trying to smash and then reveals a new secret about him. According to her, Benzino claiming he smashed Joseline and was showing Karlie X-rated flicks of her. What? Aren’t Benzino and Stevie boys? Did Jos smash the homies? Jos denies it completely and says that she only smashes men with necks… and Benzino does not have one.

Things appear to be going well for Scrappy and Erica as the two decide to sit down with their moms and talk about the drama that they’re causing. After Dee apologizes to Scrappy for bringing Shay to the studio, it seems that this little family may have a chance. Never mind. We spoke too soon. The dinner party, which also includes Erica’s momma, turns into total cluster. Neither mother is feeling the relationship and each blames the other kid for the problems. Erica’s mother claims Scrappy cheated on her recently while Erica shrieks that Momma Dee is a meddler that doesn’t know her place. The four start yelling at each other. Scrappy tells Dee to stop calling Erica a “bitch” but this causes only more yelling. Dee confesses that if she was Dracula she’d sink her fangs into Erica and drain her of blood. Erica has had enough. Dee’s disrespect coupled with Scrappy’s complacence make for a volatile mix. Erica suddenly goes insane and gets physical. It’s unclear whether she was trying to hit Scrappy or his mama but either way, she aiming for blood.

Security breaks up the fight and Scrappy tells Erica to give back her engagement ring. He and Momma Dee hang out on her driveway until the ring is returned.