L&HH ATL Recap: Scrappy And Erica Call Off Engagement, Stevie J And Benzino’s Bromance Ends

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Last night’s episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ was a breakup fest. Following the huge fight last week, Scrappy, Erica and Momma Dee were still reeling. Scrappy and Erica sit down to talk it out but it was too little, too late. Erica complained about the ongoing disrespect from Momma Dee and the fact that Scrappy refuses to have his woman’s back. Until he’s ready to bark back at his mother, Erica wants to put the engagement on hold. No more wedding planning, nothing, until Scrappy can man up. Scrap is visibly hurt, but complies. He asks Kirk for some married advice (at the strip club, of course) and Kirk says that Scrappy needs to learn to balance both his mama and his lady.

Kirk isn’t so cool when dealing with his own issues though. He confronts K. Michelle at the studio to talk about her fight with Rasheeda. Kirk says that throwing a candle at Rasheeda went too far and he refuses to let K get away with it. K screams back that Rasheeda had it coming to her after yapping off about K on blogs, etc. She then questions Kirk’s sexuality and says she will fight whoever she well pleases. Kirk walks away, but not before calling K an industry jumpoff.

Apparently K. Michelle can’t be much of a jumpoff. She confides in Mimi that she’s been having trouble getting sexually turned on without alcohol. Worried, she and Mimi go to a doctor to check things out. The doc says that K is fine and Mimi exposes that K is just pining for her ex man and it’s all psychological. K says the only man who turns her on is Barack Obama so the doctor hilariously tells her to find a man like Barack…on eHarmony. K is shocked that someone of her looks needs online dating and refuses.

Elsewhere, Joseline continues to grapple with her feelings about Stevie. Stevie tries to get back in Jos’ good graces by producing the contract she was asking for and even offers to play her a new song that he found for her. Jos tearfully says that she doesn’t care and reveals that she still loves Stevie. It seems she’s more hurt by his actions personally than professionally. She demands that he stop stressing her out and giving her more than just lobster and shrimp dates. “I want you to make me happy,” says Joseline.

Cut to… Joseline and Stevie in bed. That was fast.

During their pillow talk session, Joseline mentions the rumor Karlie Redd shared: Benzino telling Karlie that he slept with Joseline. Stevie is shocked and wants to confront his friend of eight years. Jos and Stevie roll up on Benzino and blast him for lying. Joseline then produces DMs from her Twitter account, showing Benzino hitting her at 6am. Benzino claims the Tweets are harmless and business-related (He doesn’t have her number?!) Benzino then denies smashing Joseline and says that Karlie Redd is a gossip. He and Stevie then have a man-to-man face-off where Benzino tells his friend to drop Joseline. Benzino says that Joseline is drama and will only destroy Stevie’s life. Stevie ain’t having it. The two bros dead their friendship right then and there and Stevie leaves with Joseline. Hoes before bros?

Finally, Drew convinces Traci to invest in his new t-shirt store. She brings over the $25,000 check to his house but he refuses to open the door. On top of that, he’s wearing pajama pants. This can’t be good. Traci barges into Drew’s house and finds one of his many girls over. She flips out and starts yelling at Drew and then at his company. “These bitches don’t open their mouth! You train these bitches!” screams Traci. She runs out of the house and Drew follows her … in his pajama pants. Traci breaks down and says that she’s tired of Drew running around with half of Atlanta, especially around their young son. She says that their son even called her “Megan” once, confusing his mother with one of Drew’s jumps. Traci rips up the check but Drew holds firm. He says that they’re not dating so she has no right into his personal life. Drew says that unless Traci invests, he’s going back on the road with Chris Brown and their family will be affected. Crying, Traci says that she never asked to be a baby mama and she deserves better than this.