Lil Wayne Picks Miami Heat To Win NBA Championship


Lil Wayne threw shots at the Miami Heat when he gave the verbal middle finger to the team back in February.

But when MTV News asked the “No Worries” rapper which team he believes will win this year’s NBA championship, Wayne said that the defending champs would repeat.

“You know you can’t beat that machine out here in Miami,” he said. “Nobody can beat that machine, I have yet to see someone beat that machine.”

He even projected who their Finals opponent will be. “I think the Spurs will give them a run for their money,” he said.

Wayne, currently a Miami resident, was escorted out of the team’s home arena earlier in the season, claiming he got the boot for cheering on Kobe Bryant and the visiting Los Angeles Lakers.

During All-Star weekend, Weezy reportedly threw a tantrum at a birthday celebration for Birdman, screaming, “F*ck the heat, f*ck Lebron, f*ck ‘She-Wade’ and I f*cked Chris Bosh wife.”

The Heat will continue their quest through the finals tonight (May 6) at 7pm against the Chicago Bulls.