Lip Service: French Montana Talks Stalkers, ‘Nasty Throat’ and Why Africans Don’t Go Downtown


Party-hardy rapper French Montana relates his love life to romance tracks. Turns out he’s a bad boy

French Montana claims to be a freak on his single with Nicki Minaj. So we sat down the Bronx rep—whose debut album, Excuse My French, drops today—with Angela Yee for some relationship and perv talk over a red-light playlist. Listen to their dirty talk below.

“None of Ur Friends Business,” Ginuwine (1999)
Angela Yee: Ever have a relationship and her friends mess things up?
French Montana: Friends always fuck shit up, ’cause you never know when they’re hating or looking out for you.
What about your friends?
Of course they hate; they’re the worst. As soon as they see her with somebody—especially a rapper—they got you pulling her aside.
Say she previously smashed Rick Ross or Diddy. Does it matter?
Of course not. You can never judge what a woman did before she met you—she didn’t know you. If she’s still doing it after, that’s a problem. But everybody got a past, you don’t want her to start digging up yours.

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