Lip Service: French Montana Talks Stalkers, ‘Nasty Throat’ And Why Africans Don’t Go Downtown


Party-hardy rapper French Montana relates his love life to romance tracks. Turns out he’s a bad boy

French Montana claims to be a freak on his single with Nicki Minaj. So we sat down the Bronx rep—whose debut album, Excuse My French, drops today—with Angela Yee for some relationship and perv talk over a red-light playlist. Listen to their dirty talk below.
“None of Ur Friends Business,” Ginuwine (1999) Angela Yee: Ever have a relationship and her friends mess things up? French Montana: Friends always fuck shit up, ’cause you never know when they’re hating or looking out for you. What about your friends? Of course they hate; they’re the worst. As soon as they see her with somebody—especially a rapper—they got you pulling her aside. Say she previously smashed Rick Ross or Diddy. Does it matter? Of course not. You can never judge what a woman did before she met you—she didn’t know you. If she’s still doing it after, that’s a problem. But everybody got a past, you don’t want her to start digging up yours.

“Every Breathe You Take,” The Police (1983) Have you ever been stalked? I’ve had psycho groupies, all kinds of shit. I got scared a bunch of times but I always cut it short. It got to the point where she tatted my name and my album date, shit like that. Is that flattering? Nah, it’s scary. It’s love, but its scary love. You ever stalk anybody? Probably once when I was with a chick for three years and something felt shaky. You start doing your research. Everybody’s went through that. But I never been the type to start calling somebody and go crazy. You call once or twice and they don’t pick up its like, aight.

“Peaches & Cream,” 112 (2001) Guys think they can go down on you and you’ll be ready to have sex. I never went down in my life. Why not? I’m African, I never needed to. Once I reach a certain age, I’ll probably try different things though. What if a girl told you, “I don’t give head”? It doesn’t matter—a lot of them don’t know how. You can’t get head with a condom on and it feel good, and I ain’t letting every girl suck my dick with that nasty throat they be having. You shouldn’t let girls with nasty throats suck your dick. You never know. The prettiest one can have the nastiest throat.