Listen: Afrojack Flys Far Far Away With Robot City


Afrojack must be tired from all those Jacked Up shows. Turns out fatigue has resulted in something far far away from any typical sounds you may expect from the kingpin of club-bangers and behemoth Dutch EDM herald. We’re pleasantly surprised at this fresh chillout track Afrojack just uploaded to his Soundcloud titled, Far Far Away – Robot City. Cheers to Nick van de Wall for dropping new sonic versatility and reminding us, he’s got spin chops.

“Outside of the whole party thing and waaaa drops edm n what not, I also like just making music for the heck of it, not to impress anybody, not to be fancy, not to anything.

Even though its not what most of you are used to, its still my biggest passion to share these kind of things with you, so welcome to the kingdom of Far Far Away, everything under this extra title is gonna be my weird stuff.

Starting off I just made this thingy, just something nice to go to sleep to” – Afrojack