Macklemore & Ryan Lewis On The Importance Of America’s Outdoors


It turns out Macklemore and Ryan Lewis don’t just advocate conservation by way of thrift shops, the hip-hop duo is also all for the conservation of nature. In an interview withThe Nature Conservancy for their “All Hands on Earth” campaign, the two share how the outdoors of Seattle contributed to their hip-hop creativity.

“Coming out of the Northwest and that environment to shoot hip-hop videos, it’s a little atypical of a place to be, you know,” Lewis said. “You go out into different environments in terms of writing and being creative. We’ve had the opportunity to go up into the Cascades, go to Leavenworth, Washington. Washington — where we’re from — has so much to offer in terms of just intense,
epic surroundings.”

The duo shared that Seattle and the state of Washington was home to some of the most lush surroundings. Macklemore also talked about growing up in the 80s, where the absence of technology led to his appreciation for being outdoors, where he wrote a bulk of his rhymes.

“A big part of my upbringing –in terms of making hip-hop music–was at parks because we were too young to kick it at our parent’s house,” he said. “It would be Friday night, and that where you’d end up, at Seattle Park. That’s really where I started rapping and freestyling was in Seattle Park. So I have a long lineage of kind of finding out who am really, via the outdoors.”

The Nature Conservancy’s “All Hands on Earth” campaign encourages volunteer efforts and donations toward saving the environment.

Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ interview here.