Mannie Fresh Says Kanye West Came To Cash Money For A Deal (Video)


Mannie Fresh’s production credits on G.O.O.D. Music’s debut compilation Cruel Summer was a milestone in the relationship between GM’s head honcho Kanye West and the former Big Tymer.

Fresh has since signed a song deal with the label for an undisclosed amount. In a recent interview with VLADTV, “The One” producer discussed the first time he met Kanye and the difference in their craftsmanship.

“I’ve been knowing him actually before he even had a deal,” Fresh recalled. “He actually came to Cash Money looking for a deal. He’s one of the greats.”

During Fresh’s stint as the in-house producer for Cash Money, West approached the label with a rapper he was working with at the time named Mikkey Halsted. Cash Money would pass on West and later sign Halsted. The young genius didn’t have sufficient equipment at the time so Fresh lent him his.

“The only thing I could say is that it was a blessing because he came back and looked back,” said Fresh. “Without knowing him, I just felt like he was a good dude and lent him some equipment or whatever to do what he had to do and he never forgot about it.”

When it comes to the difference in their production styles, Fresh admits to being better at being in the studio with artists opposed to just sending them beats. “That’s just not really my thing, but everybody’s so used to that, so that’s the standard,” he said “I’m more of like, ‘Hey, dude, let me get in the studio and let’s see what we come up with.'”