Marc Houle And Joaquim Dos Santos Are La Folie: Meet The Newest ‘New Wave’ Band


A secretive music project birthed out of a collaboration between producer Marc Houle and singer/songwriter Joaquim dos Santos, La Folie finds musical purpose within the French phrase it was named after which describes the madness of being deeply in love. A band that took ten years in the making, it was after Marc and Joaquim recruited their newest live member Clelia Cantoro that they had decided to go public with their unique music and sound with an album debut planned for June 5.

VIBE sat down with the band to get an in-depth look at the band, including their love-loss subject matter and what music enthusiasts can look forward to in the future.

VIBE: Describe your new sound as La Folie?
Marc: I suppose you would say it’s ‘newer’ New Wave. It’s full of nice synths and my favourite drum machines. My favourite synth is the Juno-60 and the album is covered with it. Many of the songs sound happy, but with Joaquim’s sad lyrics it’s a strange combination that somehow works great.

Even though you both met in Windsor, Canada, there was the decision to relocate and make music in Berlin. Why is that?
Marc: I had moved some years ago to Berlin to pursue my techno career. A few summers ago, Joaquim came over to visit and also fell in love with the city and its people, and decided to stay. When people ask me if I like Berlin I always say how at this moment in time, it’s the best city in the world.

La Folie’s music is generally based around the subject of love and loss. Does your art find imitation in your own personal experiences? What has been your most powerful experience involving love?
Joaquim: All of the songs come from personal experience. There was a photographer, there was a girl who rode horses, there was an actress, a girl with a fake itchy nose, there was a girl that did not think I fit into certain social circles, and a girl that could not make decisions…etc, etc. My most powerful experience involving love? I’ll save that song for the next album.

What message do you hope to spread to listeners and fans with La Folie’s music?
Marc: There can be pleasure and enjoyment from pain and heartache.

La Folie started as a 10 year secret but now that you guys have decided to go public, what’s the next step from here?
Marc: After recording all these tracks for so long and just playing them for friends at my kitchen parties, we decided it’s time to put out the music and play a few shows. Right now we’re just practicing a lot to realize our first live event, and trying to make it sound as good as it possibly can. After that we’ll look for a label to release the CD. We’re still living in the present and not looking too far in the future, but this is a fun project and we’ll probably just keep recording more and more.