Mariah Carey Warned ‘American Idol’ Producers About Nicki Minaj Drama


When will the drama between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey end?

The beef that turned American Idol into a mini reality TV drama seems to continuously fester. Although Nicki Minaj loves to bash her co-star to anyone who will listen, Mariah has been avoiding the issue. Nick Cannon on the other hand has no problem speaking up for his wife of five years, “My wife has been taking the high road, trying her best to just take it,” he dished to KTLA News in Los Angeles.

Mariah told her beau that she didn’t sign up to be on Love and Hip-Hop and warned the shows producers that drama would only come from her and Nicki working together. Although the “#Beautiful” singer “loves the show,” we may be saying bye-bye to the star. Nick Cannon hints, “Nobody wants to be apart of anything that’s unstable.”

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