Marijuana: Blood Sugar Wonder Drug?

A new study suggests marijuana and blood sugar level may be linked.

The study claims that marijuana smokers have lower blood sugar levels and can lower their risk of developing diabetes. That’s great news for tokers, who are paranoid enough as it is and definitely don’t need to be worrying about diabetes.

Marijuana and blood sugar are not the only two things studies have linked – pot may also lower risk of obesity in various ways, despite all the munchies. The study says pot smokers have better “carbohydtrate metabolism,” which probably comes in handy for all the Cheetos, plus they are less resistant to insulin. They are more resistant to putting down the frisbee, but still.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey examined over 4,600 subjects, about half of whom had smoked pot before and 12% of which smoked regularly. The smokers showed better insulin levels than non-smokers, and less resistance, which add up to less chance of Type II diabetes.

So next time someone catches you burning one in your room, just say you’re doing your part to help the obesity epidemic in America.