Miguel To Release New ‘Art Dealer Chic’ EP In July


VIBE cover star Miguel is ready to start rolling out the next releases from his ‘Art Dealer Chic’ series. The crooner will drop the the first set of songs in July and drop 2 more after throughout the summer. “It’ll be under ‘Art Dealer Chic.’ It’ll be the next three installments… It’ll be [on] July, August and September,” Miguel told Billboard. “I’m pairing it along with some items I’ve designed myself.” He also elaborated on his collaboration with Mariah Carey, “Beautiful.” “The song wasn’t fully formed before we worked. The skeleton of the song, a couple of major components — the hook and the first verse — were already there. I couldn’t finish the song. I think that’s why it’s almost serendipitous that she chose the song and chose to keep me on it cause it worked perfectly. I have to give it to her, she has a tremendous amount of vision.”