WATCH: Miley Cyrus Hot for Rihanna at Maxim Hot 100 Party


VIBE hit the red carpet at MAXIM’s 2013 Hot 100 party, celebrating the hottest women in the world. While Manti Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend took the No. 69 spot, many were surprised to find the list’s Top Ten filled with former Disney and Nickelodeon stars, like Vanessa Hudgens (No. 9), Ashley Tisdale (No. 7) and Selena Gomez (No. 2). Former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus graces the top spot, proving that these young ladies have indeed grown up before our very eyes.

However Cyrus thinks someone else should have been No. 1. “I think Rihanna is No. 1, I really do,” the 20-year-old Cyrus told VIBE on the red carpet. “She’s, like, so hot.” We then asked her if she’d make out with Rihanna. Her answer is only girl-on-girl in the world priceless. Just watch the video above.

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