NBA Star Hit With Lawsuit For Alleged Rape Charges


An unnamed woman is coming for a Philadelphia 76ers player for allegedly raping her, TMZ reports.

Jane Doe claims that the 27-year-old shooting guard Nick Young allegedly roofied and raped her after the two met at Crown Bar in West Hollywood, where he bought champagne for her and a friend.

She went on to add that she believes Young put the date rape drug gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), in her drink, leaving her unconscious.

Though she doesn’t recall what happened after, she explained that she woke up the next morning bleeding from her vagina and rectum.

The woman then says that she demanded Young take her home before she visited the UCLA Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center, where she took a rape kit and was tested for STDs. Results reportedly supported that she had suffered injuries caused by rape.

While the tale seems ripped from a Law & Order: SVU episode, the woman is really suing Young for sexual assault, sexual battery, false imprisonment among other charges.