New Video: Ameer “Talk Like A Black Panther”


The frequent collaborator of artists like MMG’s Torch, Ice-T, Mike G, AZ, CL Smooth and many others, Ameer is finally striking out the background to bring his views to the forefront. The newest single from the strong lyricist is “Talk Like A Black Panther” and the video is just as stark as his message. Team Ameer says: “Ameer is the voice of many, regardless of race, gender or religion. He’s lived a life that chronicles the hardships of being a Jamaican-American living back and forth from NYC to VA. He has even engaged in psychological warfare on the global scale in Bosnia-Herzegovina while serving in the U.S. Army. Far from your average rapper, he prides himself on his broad lyrical ability and artistry as an emcee. His music offers a harsh but yet intelligent glorification of life; along with the examination of the extremities of both sides of the spectrum.” Find out more on Ameer and download his mixtape Ameerica at