Nicki Minaj Names Lil Kim and Others As Her Favorite Female Rappers


Outside of wigs and lipstick, it’s hard to imagine that diva Barb Nicki Minaj has a favorite anything. But during her sitdown on Tuesday (May 28) with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, the “High School” MC rattled off her fave femcees, including known enemy Lil Kim.

“My favorite: Foxy, Kim, Lauryn and then Remy,” she told the morning show hosts. “When Remy came out I was very excited about her. But with Foxy, Kim and Remy, they were all from New York too. No disrespect to any other female rappers, but those were the ones that I felt like I could get into that. They sounded like me when I spoke. I just thought they really made an impact.”

She sprinkled love for the fun-loving ladies, too. “I always love Missy because she was playful. Missy and Left Eye, they weren’t afraid to me goofy at times, and I loved that.”

Remember the days of “Ladies Night”? Maybe, just maybe, Nicki could round up these lyrically-inclined vets and get back to that.