Not Your Mother’s Blog: Girl Code’s Alesha Reneé Asks To Hold On Or Put Out?


MTV2 “Girl Code” star Alesha Reneé offers up her two cents on life, love and relationships. Pay attention.

I haven’t had sex in so long that if the wind blew hard enough in the right direction I just might get overly excited. I mean, sometimes I’m hornier than a teenage boy in a brothel. You might be asking, “Lesh, why won’t you just do something about it?” Well, at this point I might as well wait until it means something, right?

I don’t even know how I got here sometimes. For the first year and a half I was actively looking for a relationship, but I couldn’t find a guy that would act right long enough to where I wouldn’t feel guilty about having sex with him. Sometime after that, I went though challenging times career-wise and financially. My mentality is kind of like a man’s so when I was stressed, finding a partner becomes the furthest thing from my mind. But now that everything is good in my life–rainbows, ponies and all–I realize it’s now been over three years that I haven’t, at minimum, nestled my face in a man’s neck. At this point, I feel this obligation to wait for something meaningful. Meanwhile, I’m feeling like a prisoner to my own moral code and forced to “take the edge off” with erotic dreams and the latest model of the Rabbit.

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