Odd Future Manager Reacts To Tyler, The Creator’s Controversial Mountain Dew Ad


Tyler, The Creator’s sense of humor may not be sensible to some, especially after his Mountain Dew commercial that caused quite the uproar and was subsequently yanked by brand owner Pepsi Co.

In the commercial “Felicia” (a goat) stands within an all-black lineup as an assaulted and visibly disturbed white woman is scared by the goat’s thoughts as she is told to pick an assailant. The investigator also pushes her saying it’s the one with the “du-rag.”

Tyler’s manager Christian Clancy responded to the controversy and came to the Odd Future frontman’s defense in a Tumblr post, saying Tyler’s “delivery may not be for everyone.”

“It was never Tylers intention to offend however offense is personal and valid to anyone who is offended. Out of respect to those that were offended the ad was taken down. For those who know and respect Tyler he is known for pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes thru humor,” he wrote, citing Dave Chappelle’s influence on the Wolf rapper.

“His voice is nonetheless important to the conversation since his demographic understands what he ultimately stands for.”