Omarion Fans Sue After Attack At His Show


Two fans are holding Omarion responsible after being attacked at one of his shows in Newburgh, New York last September, according to TMZ. Accusing the singer or having lackluster security, the men — Brunel Jordonne and Kenson Sainvilus –are now suing Maybach O after an allegedly unprovoked attack in the parking lot of the city’s Ole Bar & Grill.

The event, which was reportedly promoted as having “tight security” included a series of fights to which security personnel responded by forcing guests out to the parking lot. Jordonne claims to have suffered a life-threatening injury after being kicked in the head, while Sainvilus says he was maced by security and punched in the head repeatedly.

The two men are now suing Omarion and Ole Bar & Grill for unspecified damages.