Opinion: French Montana’s ‘F-ck What Happen Tonight’ Is Underwhelming


There are a few glaring questions that leap out when listening to French Montana’s latest ‘guest-heavy, hood drama cut “Fuck What Happen Tonight.” Are we all cool with the Moroccan MC still throwing around the N-Word like he’s the second coming of the late Richard Pryor? Has reggae dancehall bad man Mavado ever met a gun he didn’t like? Can we give the side-eye to Snoop for shouting out his newly evolved, anti-violent, Rastafarian-influenced, “Lion” persona and then claiming Crip in the same verse? Why does an all-the-way-turned-up Ace Hood, of current “Bugatti” fame, always sounds like he’s rapping for food?

And wouldn’t this 5-minutes-and-27 seconds of our lives been better if Scarface rocked over the whole damn thing? It’s not that Montana’s newest single from his upcoming debut album Excuse My French is a total disaster. But between the fact that the Beat Bully-produced track’s Major Harris “I Got Over Love” sample has been used excessively (Dipset!) and Montana always comes off as a forgotten man on his own records, there’s not much left here but the reality that DJ Khaled still doesn’t know the meaning of quiet time. —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)