Oren Uziel To Pen ‘Men In Black 4′ Screenplay For Sony

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You may wonder why Sony is pushing ahead for a fourth Men In Black movie, but all you have to do is look at the decent box office receipts from the third film.

No one really is in major shock that the film is in the works, but The Hollywood Reporter notes that the fourth installment is in its embryonic stage. No deals are in place for the likes of Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones or anyone utilized in Men In Black 3.

Oren Uziel, who wrote The Kitchen Sink (which is also being developed by Sony) is the man of the hour for the company, as he’s been tasked with penning the first draft of the new MIB adventure. He’s also slated to be the pen behind the new script for 21 Jump Street 2, which already boasts a first pass by the original movie’s Michael Bacall.

Naturally, you can assume that Men In Black 4’s story is hush-hush for now, assuming that it has even begun, and with no word on when it might hit theaters we’ll have to just keep an eye out for Barry Sonnenfeld.

Props: The Hollywood Reporter