Pilar Sanders Writes Tell-All About Abusive Marriage


The divorce of Deion and Pilar Sanders continues to be tabloid fodder with reports of abuse and cheating. This year, the latter will put it all out there for “Saving Sanders: The Untold Pilar Sanders Story,” a tell-all about her abusive marriage to the retired football star. Along with publicist and friend Kali Bowyers, the revealing book provides a unique retelling of Pilar’s heartbreaking story.

In one released excerpt, Bowyers describes the night Deion took custody of Pilar’s children.

“I’ll never forget the night my phone rang at around 3:30 am. I had answered dead out of my sleep to hear just uncontrollable sobbing from a heartbroken Pilar, who could only mutter the words, ‘Kal, he took my babies.’ As I sat there and cried with her, she was completely devastated and blown away. I do not think this was something she ever imagined in a million years could happen to her. It had been a rough few months – doing my best to combat every attack Deion made. Watching my friend die inside, I refused to sit back at let this happen. I promised Pilar that I would fight for her.”

Currently, there is no word on a release date.

Photo Credit: HipHollywood