Pizza Man Delivers Cocaine While Working For Papa Johns


A Brooklyn man was arrested Wednesday (May 15) after police conducted a nearly two-year long investigation of his sale of cocaine through his Papa Johns pizza-delivery day job.

Ramon Rodriguez, 45, allegedly conducted at least 19 sales of cocaine via the disguise of pizza deliveries. On the day of his arrest, Rodriguez handed off his largest amount of cocaine over the course of his operation, one kilogram, to an undercover officer outside of his workplace on 5th Avenue. According to officials, $27,000 worth of cocaine was placed inside the officer’s car along with a box of pizza and chicken nuggets.

Since the investigation began on Rodriguez in 2011, police say that he has delivered over $45,000 worth of cocaine. Arranging the transactions over the telephone with the undercover officer, Rodriguez would drop the drugs off between deliveries, according to reports. Cops highlighted a single incident where he delivered 20 grams of coke inside of a pizza box. Following the arrest, $4,500 in cash and drug paraphernalia were retrieved from Rodriguez’s home.

Rodrigues is being brought up on four counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance, 15 counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance, and one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance. Papa Johns has yet to release a statement regarding the story.