Predictions: How Will Season 2 of ‘Scandal’ End?


Scandal Love Triangle

The Love Triangle

Mellie is going to go straight Karen from GoodFellas on Fitz. She’s going to wake him up with a gun to his face forcing him to choose life or Olivia.

Just kidding. But that would be an interesting course of events.

Actually, Mel is going to come to Olivia with an offer she can’t refuse. She is going to force Liv to sign an agreement detailing that as long as Fitz is in office, Liv is to cease and desist contact with him. In exchange, Mellie won’t out Olivia’s role as mistress to the press. Surely, Olivia is going to oblige because, well, her only match as far as getting what she wants is Scandal’s FLOTUS. Blackmail wins again in the White House.