Pusha T On His Leather Apron, Touring With Fabolous


Sold-out concerts, new music and designer leather aprons; Pusha T has been giving us plenty to talk about heading into the release of his new album “My Name Is My Name.” The G.O.O.D. Music rapper kicked back with VIBE to talk about what’s been going down on and offstage during his Life Is So Exciting Tour with Fabolous. —Sowmya Krishnamurthy

VIBE: You were wearing a leather apron during your performance in NYC for The Life Is So Exciting Tour. What’s that about?
Man. It’s the reincarnation of Raekwon in the apron. Louboutin printed, coke-scented. Mmm mm mmm.

Really? Louboutin printed?
No! It was made by the guy who just walked out of here and gave me dap. Y’all ain’t see Raekwon with that? It was Louboutin printed. Uh. Hip-hop history! C’mon maaaaaan. The Purple Tape!

Anyways, how did you and Fabolous get together for this tour?
The record we did together is called “Life Is So Exciting” and it’s really based on that, how this is a lifestyle to us. I’m a big Fab fan, so it’s not like… I don’t know if there’s a better person than this to do this kind of thing with. When you’re at All-Star Weekend, you gotta go to the Fab party.

I’ve never been invited to a Fab party. What goes down?
Oh my God! They’re fiascos, pretty much. You don’t really want to talk about them but you should go. Everybody should go to these parties. Pool parties, studio parties,
studios with pools and stuff. You know, we’re talking about doing a few of them in New York this year.

I’m inviting myself. I’ll be there.
You’re welcome.

You’re a co-headliner on this tour. What’s on your rider? Anything crazy?
It’s alcohol: Two bottles of Patron, two bottles of Rose, two bottles of Ciroc. Uh, food. You know, nothing major. I don’t do all that. Grilled chicken, water, Gatorade, towels.

Bo-ring. Now’s the time to ask for weird stuff, like a bowl of blue M&Ms or fresh-cut flowers, and actually get it.
I hear these stories and nah, I don’t know. I think it’s people [rappers] just like getting back at people. It’s horrible. I’m definitely not going to get flowers or M&Ms.

Any highlights from the tour so far?
We were actually in Boston for two days and we got to go up there and um, you know we sold it out, and it was good to see the people making it through the whole ordeal. That’s like the best thing I’ve seen the whole tour. Being in front of the fans is always good but that was sort of like, monumental. We were there during the funeral of the police officer that was killed. It was sort of tough.