Q&A: Dance Music Pioneer MK Reflects On Quincy Jones And Will Smith


The man. The producer. The legend. Marc Kinchen, a.k.a. MK, who has been topping Billboard Charts and working with some of the industry’s most influential players talks with VIBE about his long-standing dance music career, and what he has planned on the horizon.

VIBE: Describe your sound in three words
MK: Deep, rhythmic, melodic

Tell us about your latest compilation mix series, In The House. What inspired you put together this collection of nostalgic tracks?
I have wanted to put most of these tracks out for a long time, so I guess it was just finally getting my wish. The older remixes had only really been available for promos, bonus tracks and on compilations. Crazy thing is that guess everyone says the old stuff sounds as fresh today as they did when they first came out. It really is amazing to be able to put such a large part of my work together in a cohesive package. It’s two CDs: one is mostly older stuff and the other is newer.

Who has been the most influential artist you’ve worked with so far during your career?
That is a hard question to answer, I have worked with some really amazing people. I would have to say Quincy Jones.

You’ve actually worked with actor Will Smith in the past. Do you have a favorite movie that he’s starred in?
Bad Boys, and the first Men In Black is a real close second.

Which rappers and/or producers would you want to work with today?
Drake and Diplo

Being in the dance music industry for 20 years, what are some major changes/transitions you have observed in the genre?
Well the biggest is how people listen to and buy music. From physical to digital was definitely the ultimate game changer.

What are your predictions for where ‘EDM’ is heading?
I gotta get my crystal ball for that one.

What’s been the most memorable moment in your producing career so far?
That is way to hard to answer, I have been producing for a long time.

You have mentioned plans of re-launching your Area10 label this year. What’s the theme/vision you have planned for the label?
We are working on that now, the first thing is finishing my MK album and working on my band project.

Do you already have artists lined up to join your label?
We have some ideas about different collaborations and artists.

Which ones?
I can’t tell you, it’s a state secret.

Any other big plans for the rest of the year?
I am going to Russia for the first time and Croatia too to play festivals, and that alone is incredibly exciting. I will be writing, producing, remixing, and getting into the studio to do my MK record, and also to record with our Pleasure State group along with Anabel Englund and Lee Foss.